Yoga for Golfers

Maximize your performance, on and off the course.

Yoga for GolfersTaking the PGA by storm, the unique Yoga For Golfers™ program is featured in Golf Magazine,, Golf for Women, and The Golf Channel.  Founded by golf fitness expert Katherine Roberts, Katherine has written two books: Yoga For Golfers and, Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes, the latter co-authored with Hank Haney.  Katherine’s program is highly reputable, impressing the likes of Hank Haney, Gary McCord, Tom Lehman, Brad Faxon and Aaron Baddely, as well as the LPGA’s Julie Inkster, Betsy King and Jill McGill to name a few.  Even some baseball legends are using her yoga program to induce significant performance gains.  Joe Torre and Manny Ramirez are both frequent clients of Katherine’s.

“Yoga For Golfers is the best form of exercise I have ever done. No other workout compares. I recommend Yoga For Golfers for any golfer looking to improve his health, fitness level and golf swing. I encourage all my students to try the program.” Tim Yavello, PGA Golf Professional, Troon North Golf Club, Scottsdale, Arizona

You’ve seen Katherine’s program on The Golf Channel, now you too can finally experience the direct benefits of Yoga For Golfers.  I am thrilled to be able to bring this unique and highly regarded program to the Calgary area.  I completed my Yoga for Golfers certification with Katherine Roberts herself, in Scottsdale Arizona.  One member of Katherine’s faculty is Sue Wieger, an amazing golf teacher and 16 - year LPGA Class “A” Golf Professional with whom I also had the priviledge of studying.  Since my training, I’ve been working with golfers to improve their body function by building mobility, stability, flexibility and strength.  Working together with your Golf Pro, they can analyse the biomechanics of your swing, and I can create a yoga program specifically designed for your particular swing opportunity and your body’s current limitation(s), thus elevating the quality of your play both physically and mentally.

Yoga for GolfersOnce introduced to the Yoga for Golfers program, golfers everywhere are realizing that the game they are so deeply passionate about is much more than just a technical game.  It requires athleticism and, as such, they need to prepare and condition for the sport.

Your body acts as your 15th club in your bag.  To reach maximum potential, the golfer must access all resources – instruction on the biomechanics of the swing, changing technology and the power of the body.  The impact of the golf swing happens in less than two seconds with the club head speed typically being 70-90 miles /hour.  Impact carries a huge force in the body from the compression that occurs in the spine.  Couple that with the fact that you are walking four – five miles per round, taking over 100 practice and actual swings, leaning over 30-40 putts and bending down 40-50 times.  The golfer’s body simply can’t bear the one sided repetitive strain put on it without sustaining imbalance, instability, fatigue and risk of injury.  Yoga For Golfers is the remedy to this.

I will help you achieve your goals of driving further, creating effortless power, improving club head speed, and creating a functional body that will allow you to play longer, with more stamina and with reduced recovery time.  Quite simply, you will come back to a place and time when you just simply LOVED to golf.

Yoga for GolfersPeople often ask:
“What is the style of yoga for golfers?”
The answer is:
“It’s the style best suited to the person in front of me.”

“Preparing for golf is an exhaustive task. You have to tighten your swing, practice your short game, get in the right frame of mind and get physically fit. Or you can practice Yoga and accomplish all of the above.” – Gary McCord (PGA Tour Player)

Yoga For Golfers Classes

Yoga for GolfersBenefits include:

  • Superior overall fitness – reduced risk of injury/recovery time
  • Improved strength and flexibility – greater distance and swing accuracy
  • Better balance – improved club control and weight distribution
  • Breath awareness – enhanced rhythm and tempo in swing
  • More focus – increased concentration and visualization techniques
Weekly Classes:

-    The next session of Yoga For Golfers™ at the Calgary Elks will commence the week of April 7th and run 9 weeks.  There are two class options available and a couple spots left in each.  Please see my “Current Schedule” page for more detail.  These classes are open to the public as well as Elks members, and you can register through the Calgary Elks Pro Shop @ 403-276-7981.  You can also visit
-     My schedule is not permitting me to run YFG classes anywhere else at this time except the Calgary Elks.

Half Day Workshops (can be done in a corporate setting too)
-    Book a 3-4 hour workshop utilizing poses from the Par, Birdie and Eagle level programs (level depends upon the abilities of the group)

Tournament Tee Offs
-    I will come to your tournament course and deliver a pre round 20-30 minute warm up prior to your shot gun start.  Your first tee shot will feel like your 5th or 6th!  All you need is golf attire and one club.

Private Instruction Options

Option 1
-    Work one on one with me to customize a program specifically suited to your physical needs and opportunities.  I will take you through the Titleist Performance Institute physical screening process and build a customized program based on physical opportunities.

Option 2
-    Work with your golf pro and myself to digitally analyse your swing, your Titleist Performance Institute physical screen results and base your program directly on the improvement potential shown to us both on camera and on you.  You leave with a yoga/fitness program specific to you and your physical opportunities.

My most recent private client has spent only 6 weeks on my program and his handicap has been lowered from 22 to 18 already!!  Maximize your potential.


Testimonials on my local classes and in general for the Katherine Roberts Yoga for Golfers™ program

“Rose and I were recently in Mexico and I played 18 holes of golf a day for 7 days. I do not believe I could have done this without first attending your classes. I have lower back “issues” which prevent me from making a “proper” swing and this then leads to me making a lot more swings than I want!” ~ Larry Hirst – (Avid Golfer and Member of The Calgary Elks)
At 62 years of age, this was my first introduction to yoga, and I throughly enjoyed the sessions.  In two of the sessions, we measured our flexibilty before and after.  I was truly astonished at how much your flexibillty can improve with 1 hour of controlled exercise.  I would not hesitate for a single minute in recommending these sessions to anyone.”                ~ David Lewko – (Avid Golfer and Member of The Calgary Elks Lodge and Golf Club)

“Working with Katherine for the last couple of years has allowed me to compete at a very high level.” ~ Gary McCord, CBS golf commentator and Senior PGA Tour player

“The Western world has grown increasingly open to Eastern philosophy, in which disciplines like yoga emphasize the power of the intuitive mind over cognitive thought” ~ Jaime Diaz, Golf Digest Magazine, July 2004

“I have been practicing Yoga for over 4 years now quite seriously and believe yoga to be a great help to golf… It has helped my back problems immensely to the point where I can walk carrying my golf bag again… I now recommend all my clients try yoga – even if they don’t immediately realize the benefits of increased mental focus, added strength & personal control over stress, everyone can enjoy golf more with the added flexibility from yoga.” ~ Chima McLean, CPGA Pro & Owner of King’s Golf Academy in Toronto.

“What is expected, tends to be realized” ~ Unknown

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