Tyla Arnason - The Yoga Effect Calgary
“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from
another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep
gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

~Albert Schweitzer

Those deserving of the most gratitude and recognition are my students and teachers I train. They are the real teachers and without them, I would not be growing into a compassionate and knowledgeable teacher. It’s with gratitude that I thank each and every student with whom I’ve had the pleasure to share a yoga class with. I’ve learned so much by sharing in your journey. Namaste.

The following is a list of my credentials and the teachers with whom I have been blessed to study. It is their instruction and mentorship that have allowed me to grow as both a teacher and a lifelong student.

The Yoga Studio College of Canada (2005-2007)

18 – month Teacher Training Program based on the Iyengar tradition with Yoga Studio directors Rob Walker and Valery Petrich. Calgary, AB

Functional Synergy (2007)

Yoga For Cancer Survivors Teacher Training Program with Susi Hately. Calgary, AB

Functional Synergy (2008)

Therapeutic Yoga Training Intensive with Susi Hately. Calgary, AB

University of Calgary and Functional Synergy (2009)

Yoga Thrive (formerly Yoga For Cancer Survivors). In this Teacher Training Program I had the privilege of learning from and assisting Susi Hately in the training as we expanded the Yoga Thrive Program to include teachers from throughout Canada and the US.

Katherine Roberts’ Yoga For GolfersTM (Level 1, 2010 & Masters Level 2, 2012)

Yoga for GolfersTM certification with yoga and fitness expert Katherine Roberts, LPGA Sue Wieger and Clinical Hypnotherapist Denise Hatch. Scottsdale, AZ

Titleist Performance Institute (2010)

Certified Golf Fitness Instructor – TPI Level 1 Whittier, CA


Jnani Chapman – Yoga For People With Cancer (2011, 2013)

2 days – University of Calgary, 5 days through Yoga Studio College of Canada

St. John Ambulance (2012)

Standard First Aid – Level C CPR and AED

Martin Kirk – Yoga Anatomy & Therapy Training (Calgary 2012)

5 days of anatomy and therapeutic yoga with Martin Kirk

Suzette O’Byrne – Therapeutic Yoga Workshop (Calgary 2014)

2 days of therapeutic yoga for the core with Suzette.

Neil Pearson – Yoga For Chronic Pain Training (Calgary 2014)

3 days with physiotherapist/yoga therapist and leading pain expert, Neil Pearson from Life is Now

Judith Hanson Lasater – Yoga for Anxiety, Anger & Depression Training (Vancouver 2015)

3 days of study with Judith Hanson Lasater


Yoga Intensives

I am filled with gratitude for having had the good fortune to share in the brilliant teachings of BKS Iyengar, passed down to me through various teachers. I’m also grateful to have studied with world renowned Senior Iyengar teacher, and lifelong student of BKS Iyengar, Jawahar Bangera of India. As well, I’ve had the privilege of training with Canadian Senior Iyengar teachers Ingelise Nerhlan of Vancouver, BC and Margot Kitchen of Calgary, AB.  I’ve benefited greatly from the guidance and teachings of Iyengar influenced teachers Rob Walker and Valery Petrich and therapeutic yoga instructor and anatomy trainer Susi Hately, all of Calgary, AB.  I’ve also been fortunate to have studied anatomy and therapeutic yoga with Martin Kirk from Arizona.  I’ve been blessed to learn from the brilliant teachings of Jnani Chapman on her experiences in yoga, life and with those who’ve been given a cancer diagnosis. Finally, I’m thankful for the amazing opportunity to have learned from Sue Wieger, 16 – year LPGA Class “A” Golf Professional and Yoga For GolfersTM founder Katherine Roberts, both of Scottsdale AZ.

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