Yoga Pose
“I shall pass through this world but once.
Any good, therefore,
that I can do, or any kindness

that I can show to any human being,
let me do it now.
Let me not defer nor neglect it,
for I shall not pass this way aqain”

~ Stephan Grellet

This beautiful quote, the work of Stephan Grellet became a day to day affirmation of humanitarian Jerry Lewis.  Though a word here and there, has changed slightly over the years, this is the gist of it, and since the day I first heard it, it has inspired me to actively incorporate it into my life.

The following links are organizations that I believe strongly in supporting.  I fervently believe that giving back is crucial for my own growth and the growth of my children.  I believe in contributing in our own families, our communities and our world.

If you feel very strongly about a cause you support, please feel free to share that information with me.  I love hearing about new initiatives that raise our consciousness.   The beautiful thing about giving, is that you actually end up feeling that you got more than you gave.


The following are links to some the causes that I feel passionately about.  – Keira’s Krusade is near and dear to my heart.  Keira is my beautiful niece who was diagnosed with brain cancer at the tender age of 10.  While Keira’s battle with cancer was short, her legacy is long lived.  While under-going very aggressive treatment, Keira’s only noticed the other kids in hospital and wanted to know how she could support those kids.  Her huge heart was always filled with compassion, but even more so now.  In the face of all she was enduring, she chose to start an initiative to support everyone else and Keira’s Krusade was born.  Please help Keira continue her passion to support kids diagnosed with cancer. is a beautiful organization that supports a myriad of free programs for those on a cancer journey.  Their new location, Carma House is run by the most amazing people, many of whom are volunteers.  I have enjoyed supporting Wellspring and love the fact that they allow us to teach our Yoga Thrive classes there.  – The Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta is an amazing organization that helps support families through their cancer journey.  It helps children and their families who face childhood cancer by providing wonderful programs and funding. – There isn’t much explanation needed for this unbelievable Canadian hero, mentor and history maker.He left his place in our hearts. – The Kinette Club of Calgary operates “Adopt a Family”, a cause that for the last several years, I have enjoyed being a part of.  The Kinette Club of Calgary does a spectacular job in helping those whose current circumstances dictate that they need assistance to bring Christmas into their family homes.
Heal Africa is an organization that I am in favour of because they help women help themselves through various initiatives.  I came to learn about this organization through the moving book, Half The Sky.  This amazing work is about the fight against the oppression of women that is, shockingly, still occurring all over the world.

“HEAL Africa is distinctive from the many other charities: it’s a small, grass-roots organization that has low administrative overheads because it is led by locally-based program directors and is focused on treating people holistically by training and equipping new leaders for the long-term, rather than just solving short term needs.”

“Where you give thought to, energy flows.”

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