I am more than happy to accommodate a variety of needs with respect to scheduling and potential class options. I teach several types of yoga including: Iyengar influenced Hatha Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga For Golfers™, Corporate Yoga and the evidence-informed YogaThrive program. Please click on the specific tabs to see detailed program offerings. Below is simply an overview.  All my classes are based around building strength in all range of movements, posing outside the box, learning to move well again and practicing in a way that enhances my student’s day to day lives.  I’m not that concerned with whether or not they can do a fancy pose, but I want them to feel strong and healthy each day and able to do things that are important to them. 

The possibilities are limitless!


I have a very strong interest in working with athletes and knowing what their body needs for the movement of their sport.  I particularly love working with baseball pitchers/players, golfers and ringette players.  I have taught the strength and conditioning/yoga classes for several teams including the annual Sidearmnation Pitching Camp, MRU Golf Team, NW Ringette Teams and more.  I have spent over 6 years working with golfers of all levels from the weekend warrior to those on Web.com

I will come to your office and teach yoga during your workday. This typically occurs over lunch but can be at various times to accommodate your company’s particular needs.

I teach one–on-one personal classes in my private home environment that will empower you and enable you to continue, at home, a customized program built specifically for you.

Have a small group? I can come to your space or teach up to 3 people in my private home studio.

If you already have a space of your own, that too, can be easily accommodated.

Yoga for Golfers

Planning a corporate golf tournament? I specialize in Yoga For Golfers™ and can do a pre or post round class right at the golf course on the day of your event. Sessions vary from 15-75 minutes in length.

Most of us do not bend like pretzels! Yoga is a much better experience when props are used to make poses accessible to all body types and limitations. All necessary yoga props are provided by me. Session lengths can be determined based on needs. Typical classes are 75 minutes in length with corporate usually running 60 minutes.


“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”


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