“A mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Corporate Yoga CalgaryWhat can yoga do for your business?

Corporate Yoga can have many different faces and these classes are custom designed to meet the needs of your company and your employees.

Show your employees you value their commitment by contributing to them as a human being.  It is a well known statistic that employees hold a deeper interest in being treated with more value, more consideration, more compassion than they do in receiving more money.

Share in their wellbeing and in return you enjoy the results and benefits:

  • Increased productivity – enhanced passion for work will improve performance.
  • Reduced absenteeism and sick leave – optimize the health of your employees with preventative health care options.
  • Increased Retention – offer corporate wellness as part of your compensation package to encourage new hires and keep existing employees.
  • Improved Morale – show your employees you care by investing in their health

The New York Post is quoted as stating -

“Companies are viewing yoga and meditation classes not just as perks and a way to boost morale, but as a means of preventative care and a path to more productive employees.”  2009

Potential offerings:

  • Registered session of 6-8 weeks of ongoing lunch hour classes, options include 1 to 2 classes each week
  • Professional development day (employee chosen day seminar)
  • Wellness Initiative – Corporate Lunch and Learn

Due to the style of yoga I teach, my classes are accessible to all people; regardless of age, physical capability or health challenges.  All you need is a room with wall space and employees bring their own mats.  I will provide all necessary yoga props to create a safe, enjoyable yoga experience.

Certificate of yoga insurance policy available upon request.

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