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Please take a look at what some of my clients have to say…

“Tyla Arnason has been an instructor with our Yoga for Cancer Survivors program (now called Yoga Thrive) since 2007, and her students have let us know over the years what an incredible teacher she is. Her commitment to both the practice of yoga and her individual student needs is apparent. She is gifted at creating a safe environment for her students- one in which they can reconnect with their mind, body, and spirit regardless of their physical health condition. Her compassion creates a unique bond with her class, and her passion for learning ensures that her students are always in the best care. Tyla has often made herself available for additional needs within our Yoga Thrive work – educational opportunities, fundraising efforts, and specific research projects. Her experience, ability to communicate with participants, and belief in the role of yoga for cancer survivors is exceptional.” ~ Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed and Lynette Stephenson, MSc Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary

“It was such a great yoga teacher training weekend largely because of all the hard work, detailed preparation and years of loving attention poured into Yoga Thrive. Tyla you were a terrific teacher exposing your vulnerability and deep compassion while also presenting with tremendous precision. It was so clear that you love what you do and people benefit from your approach because you are so passionate, caring and deeply engaged. Your details around anatomy were very helpful for me and for many others. With Heartfull Gratitude”

Tim R Walker
Timothy R. Walker, Ph.D. – The Healing Circle

“Tyla is a very knowledgeable instructor who creates a warm, safe and comfortable environment in her classes. She gives excellent instructions for the poses and pays great attention to details. Not only does she make modifications for those who might need it, she also encourages and challenges those who can go a little further. Tyla inspires me to want to continue with yoga.”   ~ Teresa (teacher, cancer-survivor)

“Thank you Tyla for my introduction to Yoga for GolfersTM! I had always wanted to try some form of yoga—and your class at the Calgary Elks Lodge and Golf Club seemed like a great way to get started. I have been experiencing recurrent plantar fasciitis, and have always had spinal issues (causing back pain at times). I have been seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis for years, and he suggested I enroll in yoga classes for the stretching benefits.

The benefits I realized immediately were increased flexibility, a tremendous reduction of pain in my heel, the absence of back pain, considerable increase in energy, and weight loss.

Your classes are open and friendly; and the care and attention you provide to each participant is fantastic. I looked forward to each class—quite the opposite of most exercise I take part in. I can’t wait to resume your classes in the fall! Enjoy your summer!”  ~Laureen Martin

“I started yoga nearly 2 years ago. I had never attended a yoga session before. At the time, I was recovering from chemotherapy and radiation treatment. To say I was a little hesitant would be an understatement. After the first couple of classes, most of my inhibitions had disappeared. I found Tyla to be very personable, knowledgeable and compassionate. She was not only compassionate about yoga but about her students benefiting from her class. She took time with everyone who required assistance, gave several options including using props, ensured poses were being done in a safe manner and showed the correct way of doing the poses. As of today, I am still attending Tyla’s yoga sessions and have found the courage to pursue yoga outside the comfort of her class. Would I recommend Tyla? Absolutely!” ~ Gale McCombie

“Rose and I were recently in Mexico and I played 18 holes of golf a day for 7 days. I do not believe I could have done this without first attending your classes. I have lower back “issues” which prevent me from making a “proper” swing and this then leads to me making a lot more swings than I want!” ~ Larry Hirst – (Avid Golfer and Member of The Calgary Elks)

“At 62 years of age, this was my first introduction to yoga, and I throughly enjoyed the sessions. In two of the sessions, we measured our flexibilty before and after. I was truly astonished at how much your flexibillty can improve with 1 hour of controlled exercise. I would not hesitate for a single minute in recommending these sessions to anyone.” ~ David Lewko – (Avid Golfer and Member of The Calgary Elks Lodge and Golf Club)

“After attending Tyla’s Yoga for Golfers™ classes I realized that I enjoyed the class more than being out on the course – don’t get me wrong at the age of 65 my balance and flexibility and general feeling of well being was seriously suffering. It only took about 3 classes for me to discover the benefits of yoga of which those were huge – I could one again get dressed without falling forward, touching my toes again or picking up my golf ball was a no brainer – many back issues resolved themselves so the general feeling of well being was evident – and best of all I took approximately 17 strokes off my game – YAHOO – I’ll be back after summer!” (Avid Golfer and Calgary Elks Member)

”I have been able to golf drug free this year for the first time in 5 years.” (Avid Golfer, Calgary)

“Tyla was exceptional in providing our class an appropriate balance of safe learning and enjoyment. Tyla made an effort of getting acquainted with all the participants and developed every session to meet our diverse needs. Each member of the class was encouraged to provide feedback and comments throughout the course to ensure individual satisfaction of the program. In addition to having a professional attitude, Tyla’s genuine enthusiasm for teaching yoga was exemplified in her dedication to personally provide the class with the various props to enhance our practice and exposure to yoga. Tyla not only met, but exceeded our expectations for a yoga instructor and I would recommend her highly to any potential participants.” ~ Kelly Childs – Corporate Yoga – Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry

“Tyla I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the yoga class. I leave each class feeling energized and grounded. I feel more in touch with my body and it’s abilities. After class and in the days following, I feel more “aware” and able to focus. Thank you so much for such a positive first yoga experience!” ~Lenora Page – Iyengar Class Student

“The class for our Sparks group was great, Tyla was fantastic at getting and keeping the girls’ attention and demonstrating yoga moves that they were able to do in a way that was easy for them to relate to. She started with a game first which I thought was brilliant because it let them burn off some energy before yoga class. During the relaxation period the girls were very quiet and relaxed and seemed to really enjoy themselves. I think Tyla is a great instructor for both adults and kids and I would ask her to do another class for our Sparks anytime!”. Thanks again!  ~ Jaclyn – Girl Guides of Canada

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