“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
~ George Elliot


Tyla Arnason - The Yoga Effect CalgaryYoga IS Right for YOU

Nowadays everyone is being referred to yoga, with good reason.  However, there are many claims being made about yoga, so first and foremost, please know that yoga can be profoundly helpful, but it’s not a cure-all.  Some of the claims around yoga are well founded and some…..not as much. 

I am a C-IAYT yoga therapist who simply wants people to know that you do not need to be flexible or wear skinny black tights to do yoga, that literally everyone can do yoga.  I want you to be offered a beautiful practice in which you can develop awareness, the ability to be more present, emotionally and physically, an opportunity to move more freely, gain strength, stability, and mobility and generally feel better overall.  Yoga can definitely impact what ails us, I know this from having the amazing opportunity to work in evidence-based yoga.  I believe that yoga can positively influence everyone and that with my guidance, yoga can have a very profound effect on the body, as well as the mind and spirit.

I’m very eager to share yoga with everyone, from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior to those currently seeking rehabilitation from injury or health challenges.  I specialize in working with those who have been given a cancer diagnosis (Yoga Thrive) as well as hold a dedicated certification for working with golfers (Yoga for GolfersTM and Titleist Performance Institute).  I also have the privilege of training already certified teachers to work in the cancer community.  They develop skills to deepen their understanding of the body, learn to keep their students safe while empowering them to healthy lifestyle changes through therapeutic yoga.

Please join me, when you are ready to begin your transformation.  The Yoga Effect is here to help you begin enriching your life, both on and off the mat.  You can also find more frequent updates on my facebook page at  Tyla Arnason Yoga & Movement Calgary.  

Namaste, Tyla

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